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Fresh and delicious healthy meals with free delivery to your door every day!

Eliminate the hard work from healthy eating with the best service in healthy food delivery Toronto has to offer! Our team of professionals will do all the hard work of counting calories, planning and preparing all of your meals, saving you the time and effort you need to focus on hitting your goals. Simply choose your meal plan, then sit back and wait for it to arrive at your door. Toronto food delivery has never been easier!

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Our meal plans at Healthee are designed to suit your specific body and lifestyle to ensure you meet your personal and professional goals. Don’t have time to cook, clean and calorie-count? Let our team of professionals do the work while you get back to what’s important — making Healthee the best food delivery Toronto has to offer! Not only are our wide-variety of meals delicious, but they well-balanced with the proper amount of nutrients and calories you need, created and reviewed by our chef and certified nutritionist. Check out our options to choose which one is right for you!

BMI Calculator

The food delivery Toronto people look forward to may usually a night-time treat, possibly enjoyed with a beer. When you really want to achieve those lofty ambitions you have for your body and your health, it’s time to consider what your body really needs. This can seem a little daunting for many people. Where do you start?

In a nutshell, you need to know two things:
1) Your body mass index – i.e. a height-to-weight ratio of your body, used as an indicator of obesity and underweight.
2) How many calories your body needs every day to achieve your goals.

Knowing your BMI will let you know where you are now and working out the daily calorie count will map the journey to your ideal body.

After that, Healthee Kitchen will provide the best service in healthy food delivery Toronto people like you could hope to have by your side on this mission! Are you ready to get started?


Measurement of body fat based on height and weight.
Applicable for people, age 18 or older.

Your BMI is

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How It Works

Healthee Kitchen has the revolution in food delivery Toronto has been waiting for! It really couldn’t be easier to get started with a new healthy diet thanks to our fantastic online ordering system. We have a range of different menus available for you to choose from, each one tailored to very specific goals. Take a look through the choices and find the right one for you. Once you’ve done that, it’s really as simple and straightforward as telling us where you live and then paying for your order. Our team of professionals will get to work as soon as the order comes through to us and the very next day your order will arrive at your door! If you live a busy life in Toronto food delivery may be a tricky thing to organize. Solve that problem by subscribing to Healthee Kitchen and arranging for your orders to arrive whenever is most convenient for you!

Choose Your Meal Plan

Choose the diet that suits your nutrition goal. Review the menu on the’ Menu’ page that includes current and upcoming week menu. Read more

Order Online

When you are ready to proceed go to ‘Online Order’ page. Our flexible and convenient ordering system will allow you to order your meals on a daily … Read more


Your order should be submitted at least 1 day in advance. It will be freshly prepared by our chef and delivered to your door between 7PM and 11:59PM same day… Read more

Choose Your Meal Plan

Our team at Healthee has designed, reviewed and perfected three distinct meal plans for your specific body and lifestyle. While our team of professionals ensures every plate provides you with the essential nutrients and calories you need to meet your goals, our fast delivery service guarantees you save time in the kitchen so you can get back to life. We do the cooking, cleaning and calorie-counting and you get the results, making Healthee the best food delivery Toronto has to offer. Check out our options to see which one is right for you!

The Weight Loss Meal Plan

will help you achieve your weight loss goals, conveniently and enjoyably. This meal plan brings Toronto food delivery services to a new level of catering and nutrition. Our chef and nutritionist have designed and reviewed these meals to satisfy your hunger while providing well-rounded, nutritious and fresh meals to your front door. If you have a slow metabolism and can’t seem to find time to head to the gym, this meal plan is for you. With our strategically designed menu and a wide-variety of foods, your path to transformation will have never seemed easier!


The Healthy Lifestyle Meal Plan

is our most popular option. Designed for women who are looking for more nutrition and convenience in their daily lives, this plan will ensure you consume all vitamins, carbs, fats and protein required to reach your healthiest self — without entering a kitchen! Check out the extensive menu to see why this is the best food delivery Toronto can offer.


The Active Lifestyle Meal Plan

is the one you want if you are an athletic woman or a man with a sedentary lifestyle. In either case, one of the most crucial needs isto feel energized throughout the day so you can focus on the more important things in your life. Whether you are a guy glued to your laptop with a mountain of work to get through or a woman with a hectic social and sports calendar, you know the pain of losing time in the kitchen. In Toronto, food delivery no longer just means junk food snacks. Stay on track for healthy body and lifestyle with the plan that keeps your energy levels at their peak throughout the day, every day.


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Great service

Used it for about 5 weeks. Good food, very convenient everyday delivery, lost about 8 pounds and counting. Highly recommend

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Awesome Meals

Healthee Kitchen provides the best healthy meals with amazing tastes.